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When Chasing Dreams

Struggled so long, can’t get it right!

Six years gone and I still can’t shine!

Conversations with God like, “When is my time?”

I’m about to give it up, He says the seventh is mine.

I was kindled in the fire with a hammer to my back

A double-edged ammo: I release and attack

Chariots of fire, this phoenix has arrived

I told the woman in my life “Till the wheels go flat!”

Till the rubbers they bust, I’m drilling it raw

Do it for the love so I’m giving it all

Runaway slave from a chain at the mall

I really can’t quit the economy is wrong

But, I really can’t sit and feel my bliss gets drained

Ashy Larry lips, get the Blistex man

With blistered hands I’m bracing sleep

There’s no rest for the weak!

When chasing dreams.